Combat Vehicles:Tanks and APCs Combat Vehicles:Tanks and APCs
Tanks boast firepower and endurance far beyond that of foot soldiers. They can venture where infantry cannot and act as a squad leader's mobile command center.

Tank Features

Tanks are big, powerful, and can withstand gunfire from enemy infantry, making them a solid wall for your soldiers to use as cover. They can also destroy obstacles on the field.

The glowing blue radiator plate at the back of a tank is its weak point, which can even be damaged by standard firearms. A single rocket from an anti-tank lance could be fatal, so tread carefully and watch your six.

APC Features

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) drive infantry through combat zones. Soldiers can board an APC from Action Mode or Command Mode, and are safe from interception fire.

APCs are not as sturdy as tanks, and can be damaged by machine guns. If soldiers are in a wrecked APC, they will be forced to retreat.

Vehicular Warfare

Tanks are equipped with AP shells, explosive mortar rounds, and a mounted machine gun.

Armor-piercing shells fly in a straight line and are effective against vehicles and structures.

Ragnite mortars fly in an arc to hit a broad area with a blast that's ideal against infantry.

The machine gun can attack and intercept enemies who are too close for the mortar.

It is also the APC's only offensive weapon.


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