Practice Makes PerfectTraining Field Practice Makes PerfectTraining Field
Soldiers can practice drills at the Training Field. All six combat classes can earn a promotion to the rank of Elite, which opens up a wide variety of new tactical options.
Training Field
Push your team to the next level at the Training Field. Lt. Victor is Squad E's assigned drill instructor, so work hard and pay attention or face Minerva's wrath.

Soldiers level up once they gain enough experience. Crossing thresholds can awaken new potentials or grant clearance to learn new orders. Train the classes in any order.

Tactical Advantage

Orders & Potentials

Orders are special commands that are activated in combat by spending Command Points (CP). Potentials are mechanical representations of a soldier's abstract personal traits and skills in battle.
"Giving Orders" makes the battle field advantageous
Orders can be issued by commanders to access a wide range of tactical advantages. Learn new orders at the Training Field or by talking to allies at the Mess Hall.
Personal & Battle Potentials
Personal potentials reflect a soldier's personality and characteristics, while battle potentials indicate their combat prowess. Battle potentials are always positive, but personal potentials can be negative as well.

Both types of potentials are unlocked over time. Just as people change, some personal potentials can evolve after certain missions.

Command Room

The Key to Success

Enter the Command Room to switch active squadmates and change their equipment. Proper planning is crucial to victory in battle.
Character Information

Special Effects
There are two types of potentials: Personal Potentials (P) and Battle Potentials (B).
Some squaddies share deep bonds with one another. Soldiers who like each other share an increased hit rate on co-op attacks.


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