Research and Development:R&D Facility Research and Development:R&D Facility
Visit Miles in the R&D Facility to research and develop new armaments for infantry and vehicles in exchange for Ducats (DCT). New equipment and parts are unlocked as the history of the Second Europan War unfolds.


Developing Equipment
Develop equipment to forge new weapons and armor for infantry units. Firearms, grenades, and other weapons are mass-produced, so one upgrade applies to all units. Some upgrades come with additional benefits, like firepower or accuracy boosts.
Developing Tank Parts
Develop tank parts to enhance your vehicles' guns, armor, and abilities. Miles can also create optional parts for better handling, smaller weak points, and increased attack.
Developing Ship Parts
Develop ship parts to bolster the Centurion's available ship orders. R&D can increase both its abilities and the number of available uses.

Installing Tank Parts

Optional parts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Vehicles have limited space for parts, so use the best combo for the right op.

Lt. Wallace can customize his tank, the Hafen, with a wide range of decals. Not only do they raise morale, but each decal confers a unique ability boost.


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