Naval Snow Cruiser:Battleship Centurion Naval Snow Cruiser:Battleship Centurion
This state-of-the-art battleship was developed in secret by the United States of Vinland for their Europan allies in the Edinburgh navy. Only 3 prototypes were built, the second of which is named the Centurion. Designed to traverse the frigid wastes of the Crystal Sea, this 230m+ behemoth has a wedge-shaped ram to break through any obstacle. Its very existence, and the cutting-edge USV technology that made it, are classified information of the highest degree.

Ship Orders

On certain missions, Squad E's commander can give Ship Orders to request support from the Centurion. Research and develop new tech at the R&D Facility to upgrade the snow cruiser's capabilities. Note that Ship Orders have limited uses and do not recover in combat, so plan ahead to maximize your naval support's effectiveness.

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