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To the west of the Northern Hemisphere's largest landmass lies Europa. For millennia, this fertile continent has endured countless battles for dominance. By the 1800s, Europa was governed by two superpowers: the Empire and the Federation. Both depended on a precious mineral called ragnite for survival. Its growing scarcity led to war in 1935 EC, when a broken peace treaty brought international tensions to a head. So began the Second Europan War, the largest conflict in world history.
Claude Wallace, leader of the Edinburgh army's Squad E, had faced several battles himself—and was winning, however narrowly. But three months into EWII, the Federate forces found themselves backed into a corner by the Imperial army's overwhelming numbers. After resolving a border skirmish, the Ranger Corps was assigned to a mission that would turn the tides: Operation Northern Cross, a decisive campaign to take the fight to the Empire.


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