Interludes & Squad Stories

Valkyria Chronicles 4 draws from many historical perspectives:

Interludes: Side stories supplemented between chapters. They add historical context and in-depth character studies.

Squad Stories: Anecdotal footnotes scrawled in the margins. These sub-sagas follow the daily lives of Squad E's finest.

Interlude:Squad E Assembles

The year was 1934.
The Second Europan War had just begun. After fighting through basic, the last man Sgt. Raz expected as his commander was "Scaredy-Claude" from back home. Faced with a loose cannon on his first day, Lt. Wallace decided to prove himself by enrolling his squad in the Ranger Corps.

Only by finding a confidant in each other could Raz and Claude defeat the ranger elites and pass the course's trial by combat.

Squad Story:The Price of Skill

Aladdin Ballard, the One Shot Man, strove to become the army's best marksman. Leonhardt "Prince Charming" Strauch searched the battlefield for something he'd lost long ago.

Both of these men were ace snipers and confident soldiers who kept cool in combat—everything Neige LePreton wasn't.

When Neige swore to work on her confidence so that she'd stop tensing up in battle, she turned to her fellow snipers for a source of strength. But when the Empire got in their way, all three of Squad E's top guns would soon learn the price of skill.


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